3 Ways to Reduce Paper Clutter


In an age where products like Venmo and online banking rule and mobile wallets are all the craze it seems like paper wouldn't be a bother anymore but we all know thats not true. No matter how hard I try I end up with piles of sticky notes, junk mail and Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons up, in and around.

This year, I'm trying really hard to eliminate paper clutter and my first line of defense is avoiding the collection of it in the first place. How? I recommend a few things:

  • One-off pieces of paper. When the movie theatre clerk gives you your movie stub toss it on your way out. You don't need to save those little pieces of paper and they end up adding to the collection of garbage that accumulates in places like the bottom of your purse or the console in your car
  • Receipts. Nowadays, you don't have to take your receipts. If you don't need to return the item and you're using something like a mobile phone or plastic to make the transaction, opt out of taking the copy of your receipt and it'll help cut down on what collects at home
  • Shredder. Invest in a shredder. I'm always leery of things like identify theft and personal mail getting into the hands of the wrong people. I shred like it's going out of style to avoid those scenarios. The shredder will also help you eliminate the piles of paper that accumulate around the house. I use a Royal shredder like the one, here