things to let go of

Top 4 Things Creating Clutter In Your House & Why You Should Get Rid of It

There is always room to clean out the stuff that is cluttering your bedroom, living room, kitchen, closet, car, (insert any place where garbage or junk collects). There are some things, though, that try as we may never end up in the donate pile. Every time we come to that object we know we should purge but we can't because we either can't separate ourselves emotionally or we think we'll eventually use it. Here are the top four things creating clutter in your house and why you should get rid of it all:

  • Free stuff. Not all free stuff is worth keeping. Truth be told it probably wasn't worth accepting to begin with. You don't need the lanyard from the corporate sponsor. You don't need the pens. You don't need the magnet. You don't need the coffee cup. You have MORE THAN ENOUGH coffee cups.
  • Unmatched socks. We all find the floaters. I'd love to know where those long lost sock mates have gone. If you take laundry out of the dryer and you only find one sock. Wait for it to come out of the next few loads and if it never appears, don't keep the other one. Disregard and say so long to the solo sock.
  • Paperwork. Invest in a quality shredder. Then you'll have no excuse for hanging on to important papers that you don't want getting into the wrong hands after you trash them and you can keep your space spic and span.
  • Items you haven't worn in more than 6 months. I'm not talking seasonal must-haves like coats or wool socks. I'm saying that shirt that you keep looking over because it doesn't work with anything else. Or those shorts that have somehow gotten shorter over the years. Toss 'em. You'll be glad you freed up the space and you'll be even happier that you don't have to turn down those pieces anymore. Send them on their way!

Once you're able to tackle these common clutter-makers you'll be well on your way to stopping them before they become a problem the next time around. Remember, you're not the only one who has clutter. We all do. Except for the select group of zero-waste folks, we all have to stay on top of the stuff that accumulates around us.

Let me know how your purge of the common offenders go. I'd love to hear!